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Monday, January 26, 2009
Hardcore Elite Late Model Sim Racing comes to Sunday Nights

The FTSRL will be sanctioning a new short-track super late model series to be run on Sunday nights, geared exclusively towards hardcore, "Saturday night short track" style racing.  This racing program will be run under strict competition rules, and will not allow driving aids of any kind.  It will also be run on a Raceservers.net racing server, using A-CDM cheat detection.  The series is slated to begin racing in March of 2009, and will feature races exclusively on asphalt short tracks 3/4-mile in length or shorter.  The 2009 season will run through the entire 2009 year, but will be broken into three segments, each crowning a champion.  At the end of the first two segments, points will be reset to a spread of two points per position across the board.  An overall champion will be crowned in December, and will receive a personalized, $75 trophy.

Interested racers will be required to sign-up for the season, and will also be required to download, install and configure the Raceservers.net rsClient software, which is the chief component of the A-CDM cheat detection system.  The FTSRL will be holding weekly "workshops" online to assist racers in the configuration process.

Watch the website for further information, as well as the series schedule.

Friday, January 27, 2006
Chamblee Plays It Cool, Takes 4th HSCS Win

Chuck Chamblee picked up his 4th win of the season in the Huntsville Speedway Challenge Series Friday night.  Chamblee used a different strategy than his normal one, playing it cool rather than trying to make something happen, waiting on the race to come to him.

By virtue of his win last week, Chamblee sat out qualifying and started on the tail end of the field for the 100-lapper.  Mark Wright would turn a lap of 12.745 seconds to take the pole position.  Wright and Josh Berry would bring the field to the green flag to begin the race.  Wright moved out to the lead into turn 1, followed by Berry and Dan Sponsellor.  Wright maintained a comfortable 10-car length lead by lap 23, but the yellow flag would come out on that lap to slow the field for an accident.  All but Berry would pit.

On the restart on lap 29, it was Berry now leading, followed by Wright and Chamblee.  The top three would pull away and race nose to tail for the next 10 laps.  Berry however would get loose out of turn 2 on lap 40, prompting Wright to go to the outside of him down the backstretch.  Wright could not clear Berry though and ended up getting hung out on the outside, allowing Chamblee to take over the #2 spot.  Louie Robinett would also slide by Wright for the 3rd position.  Chamblee was all over Berry for the next 8 laps, until Berry once again got loose, this time in turn 1 and 2, spinning out of turn 2 and allowing Chamblee to slip by for the lead.  Wright and Berry would pit under the yellow flag, but Chamblee had decided that his pit crew were done for the night and elected to remain out for valuable track position.

On the lap 54 restart it was Chamblee leading, followed by Wright and Berry.  Chamblee and Wright would pull out to about a 10 car-length lead over Berry for a few laps, but Berry then began to close the gap.  By lap 70 it was once again a three-car battle for the lead.  Hard racing continued between the top 3 until lap 81, when finally Berry was able to get under Wright down the back stretch to take over the 2nd spot.  On lap 84 though, as the leaders were lapping by the #47 car of Bobby Rafuse, Wright and Rafuse would touch down the backstretch, getting Wright loose.  Wright would hit the wall hard in turn 3 to bring out another caution.  Berry and Robinett would pit again.  Wright would also pit for repairs and return to the track.  But Robinett's streak of bad luck would bite him again as he ran over a jack coming to his pit stall, causing severe damage to the rear suspension of his #30 Chevrolet.  Robinett would be finished for the night, and lost valuable points in the championship chase.

Wright's luck wasn't much better, as he and Rafuse once again made contact on the lap 91 with Wright spinning again.  This set up a final 3-lap shootout between Chamblee, Berry, and Johnny Robinson.

On the restart on lap 97, Chamblee put as much distance as he could on Berry using a quick restart.  Berry would catch Chamblee though as the white flag came out, setting up the top two cars for the closest finish of the season.  Chamblee would edge Berry by a scant 0.13 seconds to take the win.  Finishing 3rd was Johnny Robinson, followed by Bobby Rafuse and Mark Wright, rounding out the top 5 finishers.

Chamblee had this to say in Victory Lane after the race:  "I'm so proud of my team tonight, they told me to just play it cool and get a good finish tonight.  Well I did, and it worked.  I want to thank Josh and Mark for racing me clean tonight, they were faster and had several opportunities to make it rough on me but cut me some slack.  It was a really fun race tonight even though we had to race hard there at the end.  We want this championship pretty bad, been trying 5 years now to get it.  Tonight's win should help that effort a lot."


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